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  • Our dance projects offer

    a comprehensive dance program

  • For both disabled and non-disabled

    children and young people (up to 25yrs).

  • Access workshops

    and Holiday Clubs

  • National Youth Dance Festival

    #UDancebythesea 2015

  • Company Performances

Wheelfever Projects is a Community Dance Project devising and delivering creative dance experiences relevant to the requirements of individuals and groups. It’s built on our conviction that dance is an activity that benefits the health and well-being of those who participate. We think creatively and inclusively to provide opportunities for people who may otherwise struggle with traditional dance forms and mainstream methods of teaching.

Dance is an art form that can deepen our understanding of ourselves and others through:
1Participation: Being part a regular dance group encourages a sense of belonging; it can be empowering, liberating and fun! Our creative workshops encourage independent thinking and problem-solving skills. Dancers develop their confidence to express and communicate their ideas as they learning to be part of a team and work in-groups.

Participating in live performance builds confidence in presenting ideas.

2  The Making Process, Performance and Production: We make new dances each term in which the dancers are fully engaged in the process. The performances naturally challenge the idea about who can and cannot dance, realigning perspectives and presenting an equal view of society.
3 Training and Development, Mentoring and Coaching:  We are conscious that formal training opportunities are not always accessible to dancers who are disabled. We therefore provide dance training for young people, disabled and non-disabled giving the dancers who are disabled a chance to develop the same level of skills as their non-disabled peers.
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Wheelfever Dance Projects is a Charity Incorporated Organisation registered in England and Wales. Reg no. 1171830.